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AloeVera Juice (Whole Leaf Liquid) - Certified Organic - Cold Process - 1 Gal

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Natural Healing-4-You...

Go Ahead & Start Off Your Day With Our...

Natur~PUR USDA certified organic Aloe Vera juice. Our Aloe Vera juice uses only certified organically grown whole leafs with pure inner gel and is proprietary 100% cold processed pure from field to bottle.

We use NO added chemicals, fillers or synthetics, and it is NEVER diluted, heated or has water added!

First and foremost the reason we (our chemists) know so much about cold processed Aloe Vera juice, is because they actually invented the proprietary cold process almost 40 years ago. Our Aloe Vera juice is naturally clear, has a smooth taste with no bitterness afterwards. In fact, we will not only put it up against any Aloe Vera in the country, but we will stand behind it with our AloeVera Guarantee*.

AloeVera Health Benefits
A Healthy Body & A Healthy Mind...Just Feels Right!

Our Natur-Pur Aloe Vera... Barbadensis-Miller plants are USDA certified organically grown and are third party certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) to be completely cold processed in an approved facility under 90° from field to bottle, using only the nutrient rich inner gel & whole leaf of the Aloe Vera Barbadensis plants.

Our Aloe Vera inner-gel crystals uses a cold process (Cryogenics - under 400° below Zero) to crystallize the inner-gel into a powder form. Our Aloe Vera whole-leaf liquid uses a proprietary cold process (developed by Our Chemists) ensuring that all of the natural occurring properties of the Aloe Barbadensis-Miller plant, including all of the enzymes, small-large polysaccharides (Betaglucomannans) are 100% fully protected. Our unique proprietary process removes all impurities (<.01ppm) from the inner-gel & whole leaf liquid of the plant without any damaging additives or filtering.

Natur~PUR Aloe Vera Juice... is NEVER heated because it denatures the natural enzymes in the Aloe Vera plant and also causes the artificial breakdown of the small-large polysaccharides (Betaglucomannans), which are the most active ingredients in the Aloe Vera product.

Directions & Suggested Usage: Our Aloe Vera juice is a natural product and may be mixed with any of your favorite fruit or veggie juices, or taken by itself. The best absorption is before meals and can be taken anytime. Dosage(s) will fluctuate according to your health needs, introduce gradually 2-4oz's, 2-4 times daily or as needed.

Note: Aloe Vera juice will vary in color, efficiency and taste depending on the plants and processing performed. The FDA requires that all liquids use a preservative and must be refrigerated after opening to retain freshness.

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Item Number: ALOE00010001-AGal
Manufacturer: Natur-Pur
Manufacturer Part No: UPC# 810184012018

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Natur-Pur Greens8000 Organic Super-Food*

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