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In His Image (E-Book)

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The Reflection of God in You
(Vol 1)
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In His Image
by R. Hugh Mclean...

The Reflection of GOD in You!
(Vol 1)

"So God created man in His own image..."
Genesis 1:27

A bold statement with even bolder undertones. Man's image in God reaches deeper than what appears on the outside. From his carnal exterior to the deepest recesses of the inner sanctum of his soul, man's God-image permeates with the creativity of The Master. In His Image reveals and reminds us of the true image of God in each of us, including the emotional, the mental, the physical, and ultimately the spiritual.

In His Image (64 pg - EBook) is an easy and enlightening book to read. You need to create a user profile for the system to access your EBook. Please download your EBook within one week. The Soft-Copy is printed and published in the USA (Greenville, SC) by The Other Hand Ministry and comes autographed personally to you by R. Hugh Mclean.

R. Hugh Mclean - a little bit about the Author and Man who I've recently had the pleasure of meeting and now is working with US.

R. Hugh Mclean - when you meet Hugh, you will meet Melissa, his dedicated and loving wife of God. Some Christians (if dedicated) will at some point try to interject God into the subject they are talking about. Melissa, simply starts the conversation off with God in a loving way. Hugh has authored several books, directed and scripted Christian movies, loves working in the Theater and helping companies (like ours) to produce infomercials. In his spare time (that's funny) if Hugh is not working at home with Melissa, and if he is not working at the big First Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, and if he is not behind a camera somewhere, you will find him teaching children and teenagers self-defense and self-discipline thru different forms of Karate. Hugh is also an accomplished Black Belt Teacher. Thank-You & God Bless!

R. Hugh Mclean - A Man Devoted to God First, Helping his Loving Wife-Melissa,
Working for His Church & Helping Everyone He comes in Contact With.
An Accomplished Author & Publisher, Christian Film Maker,
Theater, Video Work & Black Belt Teacher!

Item Number: ISBN-9781481945974
Manufacturer: Joint Heir Media Productions (R. Hugh Mclean)
Manufacturer Part No: EPROD-45974

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