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Natural Formulas are gluten free, non-gmo, paraben & phthalate free, SLS & cVOC free which helps create our non-toxic soap formulas and personal care products. Our Eco-friendly, non-gmo, hypo-allergenic* nutritional, personal care products and Ultra-Safe soaps use 100% All Natural & Organic ingredients. Made in U.S.A.

Our Ultra-Safe SUDS (Natural Hand Sanitizer) & Household Tradition all-purpose soaps are alcohol, petroleum & Triclosan free. Our Ultra-Safe Soaps are used for commercial cleaning, everyday bathroom, household, laundry and medical uses for bacteria's, candida-fungus-yeast, mildew-mold-spores, head lice-parasites & pets.



1-Jar 30-Servings - $34.88*

Berry - Chocolate - Mint (Original)
Mocha (Coffee Lovers) - Strawberry-Kiwi

Natur-Pur Greens8000®
Delicious Organic Super-Foods* (1-Jar*)

or 2-Jars w-Extra FREE Gift
60-Full Servings - $64.88**
with FREEShippingUSA**

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ONLY - $54.88 Incl s/h*

NATUR~PUR Coconut Oil
(Centrifuge Extracted) 100% Extra Virgin
Kosher Approved & USDA Certified Organic

Weekly Special 3- 16oz-Glass Jars

FREE Shipping USA*

Online Offer ONLY - Good Till 9:00 PM EST on 12/31/23
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Try My Forever Young (Body Lotions & Revitalizing Skin Creams) with our Perfect Cleanse (Hair Conditioners & Shampoo's). Or, our all natural & organic Nutritional Products such as: Aloe Vera products, Coconut oil (Centrifuged Extracted), Natur-Pur Greens8000 & MyWHEY Organic Protein (Super-Foods*), Personal Care such as: Emu oil, Shea butter and Wild Yam cream (Natural Progesterone).

Try our Synergy One (Chrysalis* Growth Factor) a natural growth hormone with a 60-Day Guarantee, or Knock-Out Pain Cream-Gel. Our Pet Care Products are hypo-allergenic & non-toxic. K9-CANCER supplements (K9-Immunity, K9-Omega & K9-Transfer Factor).

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All of our Ingredients: (Are All Derived from 100% Natural Sources)

To try our award winning Ultra-Safe Soaps...Please order one of our Sample Packages below. The samples are 16oz bottles & we have three different packages for you to choose from at a VERY low price. Each package comes with domestic HIS* (Handling, Insurance & Shipping) for FREE!!

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Our service "Solutions 4 Health" is part of our healing and health ministry H.E.L.P. We help to coach and re-educate you about Prevention...NOT...Prescription on how God heals you natually from cancer and diseases at our Natural Health Seminars. To have us speak in your local area, church, community center, convention center or Y.M.C.A., just give us a call. We do have a Consulting Service for those of you that would like us to work with you one on one or in small groups. Consulting Services

Praise the Lord...Cheryl has been Ovarian Cancer FREE since April 1st, 2000, NATURALLY!!.

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Natur-Pur Greens8000 Organic Super-Food*

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    MyWHEY 100% Organic Protein Concentrate. 48 Grams Organic Protein in just 2-Scoops. 100% Raw Whey Concentrate (Organic SuperFood* Flavored & Unflavored)
    Aloe Vera Crystals 100% Pure Inner Leaf-Gel (Allergy Reduction & Candida Yeast Control
    Aloe Vera 100% Whole Leaf Liquid (Allergy Reduction & Candida Yeast Control
    Natur-PUR Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil - 100% Virgin - Kosher Approved - USDA Certified Organic - Processed Under 78* - GO COCONUTS!!
    Coral Calcium (Organic Raw Powder) 100% Above the Sea Harvested (NO Additives or Fillers
    Emu Oil (Grade A Certified Pure) Anti-Inflammatory - Healing - Moisturizing - Therapeutic
    100% Organic Raw Shea Butter (Unrefined & Water Extracted) Healing - Moisturizing - Therapeutic