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Our healing and health ministry H.E.L.P. (Healthy Educational Lifestyle Programs) allows you to access the knowledge that God has given to us over the last 27 Years to help you gain the education, knowledge, wisdom and understanding that you need in order to heal your body naturally.

Here is some basic information for you to share with your family and friends about cancer and disease in general.

Though it might sound like it at times, we are not against the medical profession. We believe in them. It's the pharmaceutical industry and their ideas that we are against. We believe in "Prevention...NOT...Prescription", and we hope and pray that your family & friends will look to The Lord first for His guidance. It works for us!

Cancer is Cancer. It is like so many other debilitating diseases that destroy and interrupt our immune systems and vital organs. Your immune system is the very thing that God created and gives to you in order to heal your body naturally and live a healthy, long and vibrant life. It is our belief that God really meant for us to live 120+ Years. Please read an article we wrote entitled CANCER in Children.

Your immune system and vital organs, whether intentionally or unintentionally, have or will break down over time and no amount of chemotherapy or radiation can fix that. In fact, chemotherapy or radiation will only destroy your immune system further and weaken your other vital organs that were not affected in the first place; this is why it is called "Chemical Therapy". Though God has allowed people to be healed into remission from drugs (Praise the Lord), when they give you "Chemo" you first have to get an injection of a drug called an "Inhibitor". This drug (a synthetic - toxic - cVOC) will shut down your immune system so that the chemo will be able to enter into your body and try to kill the cancer cells, with hopes that the drug doesn't kill you first. Including ALL the side effects like, bloating, hair loss, sores inside your mouth, metallic taste, urinary problems, vomiting, etc. With that said, here is an outline of our basic 4-Step program called H.E.L.P.!!


1.Spiritual Warfare - for us it's easy...Christ-Jesus our personal Lord & Savior... for others it's from A-Z... Allah, Buddha to Zen!!

Though there are many different spiritual beliefs in the world today, the vast majority of people still believe in a trinity of Body, Mind & Spirit. We try to help build a unity in people by teaching them how to pray. A person first has to give their disease up to the God that created us ALL and ask Him to heal them completely. God wants us to "Take Action & Put Our Best Foot Forward First". Maybe learning to pray like this...

Dear Father in Heaven, I come before you today as your child, which you created before the foundation of the world began. I ask, hope, and pray that you would heal my body, my heart, my mind, my soul & my spirit of any and all cancers, disease, infirmities and sickness as of this prayer. I understand that I first must walk that walk and so Father, I also ask that you would empower me with your grace, love and mercy, and grant me the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of your Holy Word on how to heal my body naturally and give me the resources and strength in which to do so.

2.Detoxify Your Body - learning how to cleanse your blood, colon, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, etc.

Then the person needs to STOP doing what got them sick in the first place and start doing what will heal their body naturally. We help teach them how to detoxify their own bodies naturally in the comfort of their own homes. They have to take responsibility for their own health and NOT just put it in the hands of their doctor. A medical doctor is trained to "treat a symptom" by prescribing drugs (again, synthetic - toxins). They do NOT know how to "cure a disease". If they did...then why are people still so sick today?

Also, it is best if you start by removing all synthetic toxins in your home and work place!
Did you know? The average person..."Poisons Themselves 30 Ways"...before breakfast! I'll bet the average person has no less than sixty-six products in their home, that say danger, warning or caution on the labels, that are mostly carcinogenic and/or neuro-toxins, all designed and manufactured by man's $$ Greed $$ using caustic chemicals, petroleum by-products and synthetic toxic cVOCs.

3.Rebuild Your Body - through good bacteria, live enzymes, natural & organic foods (grown without insecticides), fresh juicing, liquid minerals and vitamins, etc.

Then the person needs to start rebuilding the very immune system that they destroyed and neglected (whether intentionally or un-intentionally) through all their years of eating packaged and processed foods filled with anti-biotics, dyes, hormones, insecticides, pesticides, preservatives and snake venom, etc. While using everyday cleaning products in their homes and work places made from petrol-chemicals and synthetic toxins. This DOES NOT EVEN take into account ALL the personal care, personal hygiene and prescription drugs that people give to their children and themselves.

On the other hand, God created and gives to us everything naturally in which to rebuild our body's immune system and vital organs through good bacteria, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins found in natural and organic flowers, fruits, grains, herbs and vegetables. It is through man's greed, pride and self-ambition that he comes along and thinks he can alternatively manufacture it better than the original creator ... God the Father.

In the Holy Bible, the first book of Moses, Genesis Chapter 1, God created everything naturally (including YOU) and gives it to us freely to use to heal and sustain our lives!

Who do you think created you? Who do you trust ... God or man?

4.Exercise & Stress Reduction - Sex, stretching, swimming, walking, weight lifting, yoga, etc.

Yes, I know, I know .. SEX ... it is a great romantic exercise between a husband and wife, and really helps them to get their blood pumping with fresh oxygen, laughter, romance, and to help relieve emotional pain and stress. Of course ;-((( ... you can always do the Ole Stand-bys and join the Y.M.C.A.®...of stretching, swimming, walking, weightlifting, yoga, etc.

In conclusion,

God the Father (The Great Physician) has granted my wife, Cheryl, & me a special gift of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom on how to heal the body naturally. We're not faith healers (though you do need complete faith in God that by His Stripes you have been healed) nor do we hold medical degrees of any kind. God the Father has entrusted that since He healed my wife of Advanced Stage 3-C Ovarian Cancer (10-Years ago naturally), that we would take His knowledge, understanding, and wisdom and H.E.L.P. re-educate people throughout the world. Do You Need H.E.L.P. ...?

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Detox or Detoxification Health Recipes & Natural Remedies that we have used for years. SAFE ways to better your health with Colon Cleansing, Gallbladder-Liver Flush, Kidney Stone Dissolving Formula's & Herbal Enema Recipes!
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Natural Health Remedies & Natural Therapies on Ultra-Safe ways to better your health & heal yourself naturally. Such as; Cancer, Candida-Yeast Infections, Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure - Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, etc.
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