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AutoZap-5 ( - Clark Technologies)

AutoZap-5 & AutoZap-5 SuperZappicator (Clark Technologies)

Want to Super-Charge Your Health?

AutoZap-5 Integrated Wellness System is designed by my true brother Arthur, and excels way beyond Dr. Hulda Clark's specifications. The New AutoZap-5 helps to wake up your immune system (White Blood Cells), and to remove the free radical trash such as; bacteria's, fungi, parasites and viruses via your kidneys and waste, and gives your family, food and pets...Health-In-A-Hurry.

FIVE MINUTES and you are done! The AutoZap-5 is the result of over four years of design and field testing and this new system significantly enhances Dr. Hulda Clark's zapping techniques for all types of users & uses. The AutoZap-5 comes with THE LONGEST RISK-FREE TRIAL PERIOD EVER OFFERED - ONE FULL YEAR - See Below!
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There are three parts to the AutoZap-5 Integrated Wellness System. The AutoZap-5 SuperFast Zapper, the AutoZap-5 FreeCoil SuperZappicator, and the new SuperStraps. ALL are new technologies and offer outstanding performance you will find nowhere else.

We believe the AutoZap 5 Integrated Wellness System will transform the zapping industry, making Dr. Hulda Clark's self health revolution so easy, effective and fast, that millions of people will use the new AutoZap 5 Integrated Wellness System.

AutoZap-5 Integrated Wellness System
Wakes UP Your Immune System FAST!

1. FASTER ZAPPING - than ever before - Over 12X Times Faster! The number one most frequent request from customers all over the world for years have been faster zapping. With the AutoZap 5 - Five Minutes Flat & Your're Done!! NO loss of effectiveness - NO rest periods - NO waiting. Through our new electronic technology, this cycle gets 12X times faster zapping while applying a lot less power than any other zapper cycle. Our output fully meets Dr. Hulda Clark's specifications and has the 0.25 volt DC offset she required.

2. FIVE PRESET CYCLES - are standard on our AutoZap 5. You asked...we delivered...there are presets for you're body zappicating, food zappicating, and a constant full hour-ON. The AutoZap 5 gives you ALL of these, plus the AutoZap Professional cycle (7/20/7/20/7 minutes) as well.

3. OUR NEW SUPER STRAPS - are standard with every AutoZap 5 zapper. These exclusive wide wristbands are custom made for us to guarantee comfort, convenience and an excellent connection as you use our AutoZap 5. You can even AutoZap while you brush your teeth!

4. KISS THEORY - KEEP IT SIMPLE - if you can push a button once, twice or three times, you have already mastered operating the advanced technology of AutoZap 5. There are LED lights of red, green or yellow to show you exactly what our AutoZap 5 is doing. We use a microprocessor to make things easier for you, not harder.

5. A VERY SLIM CASE w/SOFT GRIP EDGES - beautiful, easy to grip, and easy to slip into a pocket while you go about your day.

6. TWO VERY IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENTS & MORE - we added constant 10-volt output (that gives 1000 five-minute cycles from just two AA batteries), a beeper silence mode (for use at night or in hospital) and more.

7. EXTREMELY RELIABLE DESIGN & MANUFACTURING - we used only premium parts to give the AutoZap 5 a design life of 50 years. That estimate is based on 25 cycles of use per day!

8. THE LONGEST RISK-FREE TRIAL PERIOD EVER OFFERED - ONE FULL YEAR - please ask us for a copy of our complete details (excluding the SuperStraps, which are personal use items). Of course, our full five-year warranty applies to parts and labor.

To download, print off or read the full printed instructions on a PDF of AutoZap 5

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AutoZap 5 & SuperStraps Only

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AutoZap 5 Complete System
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AutoZap 5 Complete System
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AutoZap 5 & SuperStraps
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AutoZap 5 & SuperStraps
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AutoZap 5 SuperZappicator
YOUR Price: $157.50
AutoZap 5 SuperZappicator
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