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Welcome to CAT's Corner! My friends call me husband Paul...well that is another story for another day. If you have known us long or read MY Story then you know that we have a desire and a passion to H.E.L.P. people learn how to heal themselves Naturally. I'm an Advanced Stage 3-C Ovarian Cancer Survivor through the grace of God without the use of chemotherapy, medications, or radiation. Since April 1st, 2000 I've stayed (100% Ovarian Cancer FREE)...Praise the LORD!!



Lots of you out there have been reading and watching “cancer stories”. You read the reports of the rich and famous being diagnosed. They make the internet and tabloid headlines. Names like Christina Applegate, Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow, Elizabeth Edwards, Farrah Fawcett, John Kerry, Amy Mickelson, Suzanne Somers and Patrick Swayze. Now they even film their own docudrama about what it’s like to treat cancer after following the standard medical treatments. Then you have your own personal stories--your family, your friends, or you that has just been diagnosed. So, what do you do?

Those of you who know me personally or have been buying our products know something about me and that I AM a “survivor” of Advanced Stage 3-C Ovarian Cancer since March 2000. I’m going to try to explain about my choice of “natural healing”. I hope you’ll feel encouraged and realize that good health and healing is your choice to is your life!

In the most humble and loving way, I ask you to Please read MY Story and sign up for an Initial Consultation. Then "TAKE ACTION" it may just save Your Life. Blessings to you, Cheryl Tima!

To download, print off a copy or read MY Story Please Click Here!

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Below you will see my Consulting Services that anyone is welcome to take advantage of, and I'll be contributing free articles from time to time as well as paid articles that you will be able to preview before purchasing.

Paul & I, have been learning, researching and teaching natural health therapies for over 30+Years. It really is sad to see so many people going to their grave so early. Since I had Ovarian Cancer, Paul says that we have known over 600 People including business, family, friends and relatives that have died from Cancer & Disease issues using chemotherapy, medications and radiation. God truly has blessed us with the knowledge, understanding and wisdom on how to heal the body naturally. So for me, everyday that I've been given extra is a "Snow Day"...especially when I spend it with our grand-children & Paul.

Our Story (Paul & I)

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Solutions 4 Health - Consultation Sessions
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