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This page is dedicated to educating people who care about what is happening to the environment and us when we insist on using toxic chemicals to protect ourselves from harmful microorganisms.  Hopefully you will see how we are causing damage to our environment and actually helping to create stronger and more virulent forms of harmful bacteria through the use of these toxic chemicals.   

The following contain links to PDF files which can be down loaded, printed out and/or sent to those you care about.  A brief paragraph describing the contents of each file follows the link.


Anti-Microbial Explained:  Larry Wayne Harris RM Registered Microbiologist (A.A.M.), a prominent microbiologist, explains the bactericidal properties of Solutions-4-You products.  He also provides an understandable definition of the terms antibiotic, antiseptic and disinfectant.  This brief paper is pretty much written in English.  Once you get through the first paragraph it is very easy reading and very interesting.

Product Comparisons:  John Barton, a respected microbiologists and president of Bio-Data LLC, has tested a number of cleaning products that claim to be safe for the environment and people.  This test was done without our prior knowledge.  We were notified of the results after the comparisons were made.  Although we were pleased with the results we want you to know we didn't pay him to say these nice things about us.  If you want to see how Solutions-4-You products compare to other products making similar claims read this report. 

Barton Report on Coconut Oil:  John Barton and Bio-Data LLC also did a remarkable study on coconut oil, presented here.

Colloidal Micelles a Technical Summary:   This paper very briefly provides an overview of the technology that makes our products possible.  With this technology and the ingredients we use, you have a way to avoid the dangers of having to use poisonous and damaging chemicals.  We have adapted the technology described in this paper to create our line of cleaning and pet care products.

Dangers of Detergents:  This paper is very interesting.  It describes how our contemporary scientists have developed wonderful products which are very effective for the purposes they were designed for.  The flip side to the story is that there were other unanticipated effects from the use of these products that frustrated the original efforts of these scientists.  This is a fascinating paper.

Dangers of Antibiotics:  Traditionaly antibiotics have been chemicals which are designed to poison microbes (bacteria).   With continued exposure to antibiotics many microbes have developed a resistance to antibiotics.  This resitance has developed to the point where antibiotics are becoming (in many cases) ineffective.  Have you heard of super bugs?  Read this paper to get a better understanding of antibiotics and how products from Solutions-4-You can help solve this dilemma.

Getting Started Booklet:  This valuable little booklet has lots of information to help you get started with Solutions 4 You products and making your home safer for your family.

S.T.O.P. the Poison Foundation 2-page Flyer:  This is a helpful information sheet on common household poisons.

30 Ways You Poison Yourself Before Breakfast: A flyer and a detailed report on how people actually poison their children and themselves 30 ways before they eat breakfast in the morning.

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