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Interesting choice of words! Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you were just a few years younger? We know there is no "age-defying treatment or reverse aging" but...Stopping Time in It's Tracks...WOW!

For the last couple of years my wife has been after ME to bring out the absolute best Personal Care & Skin Care products that are available on the market today.

Working with our chemists and staff, we believe we have done just that and invite you to compare our products up against any brand name product on the market today; Avon, Clinique, Cover Girl, Estee Lauder, Lancome, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Nerium AD (Age-Defying Treatment), Oil of Olay, and we have 100%... Guaranteed Products*. Basic Flyer*.

All of our Personal Care products are 100% Natural & Organic and will help to heal the skin, while moisturizing, protecting, rejuvenating and toning your body and fine lines using Nutrition Rich Botanicals. We use ingredients such as; Aloe Vera leaf, Coconut oil, Essential oils, Jojoba oil, Rice Bran oil, Shea butter, along with Flower extracts, Plant and Vegetable proteins. So go ahead and start your day off with our...

Perfect Cleanse - Shampoo & Conditioner... then Pamper Yourself - with Bath & Body Oils... then Stopping Time in It's Tracks - with My Forever Young...!

Perfect Cleanse
100% Natural & Organic
Conditioners - Bath Gels - Shampoos
Moisturize - Repair Split End - Revitalize
Ph Balanced using Natural Botanicals
Perfect Cleanse - SAFE to Use
from Head to Toe!
Pamper Yourself
100% Natural & Organic
Bath Oils-Body Oils-Facial Exfoliate
Removes Dead, Dry, Old Skin Cells
Rejuvenating your Skin for a
Therapeutic Massage!
My Forever Young
100% Natural & Organic
Personal care & Skin care products
Aloe - Coconut & Jojoba Oil - Shea Butter
Healing the Skin, Moisturize & Protect
Rejuvenate Lines & Tone your Body
Nutrition Rich Botanicals.
Emu Oil (Grade A Certified Pure)
100% Emu Oil
(Grade A - Certified Pure)
Anti-inflammatory non-toxic pain relief oil
Very high anti-inflammatory properties
helping to speed healing, relaxing
muscles and reduce swelling
throughout your body!
Shea Butter (100% Raw)
100% Raw Shea Butter
(Organic - Pure - Unrefined)
Totally water extracted by hand and
Helps moisturize, protect & soothe skin
Best known for healing & therapeutic
properties of Dry skin, Fire burns
& Sun-UV Protection(SPF-14)
Wild Yam Cream (Progesterone)
100% Wild Yam Cream
(Menopause - Natural Progesterone)
Dr. John R. Lee (M.D.) Extensive Research
Foremost Author - Educator - Formulator
Hormone Creams & Progesterone
Pre & Post-menopausal!
Ultra-Safe Suds (Natural Hand Sanitizer)
Ultra-Safe Suds (Natural Hand Sanitizer) Body, Face & Hand Wash is an Anti-Microbial body cleanser using a Suds Pump dispenser. It's Proven Effective Against (Gram- & Gram+) Bacteria, such as E.coli - Salmonella - Shigella - Staph - Strep!
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Shea Butter (100% Organic & Unrefined) 4oz (1-Pack)
YOUR Price: $20.00
Shea Butter (100% Organic & Unrefined) 4oz (1-Pack)
Heals* Moisturizing* Therapeutic*
Burned - Cracked - Dry Skin*
Members 20% Off = $16.00
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Natur-Pur Greens8000 Organic Super-Food*

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    MyWHEY 100% Organic Protein Concentrate. 48 Grams Organic Protein in just 2-Scoops. 100% Raw Whey Concentrate (Organic SuperFood* Flavored & Unflavored)
    Aloe Vera Crystals 100% Pure Inner Leaf-Gel (Allergy Reduction & Candida Yeast Control
    Aloe Vera 100% Whole Leaf Liquid (Allergy Reduction & Candida Yeast Control
    Natur-PUR Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil - 100% Virgin - Kosher Approved - USDA Certified Organic - Processed Under 78* - GO COCONUTS!!
    Coral Calcium (Organic Raw Powder) 100% Above the Sea Harvested (NO Additives or Fillers
    Emu Oil (Grade A Certified Pure) Anti-Inflammatory - Healing - Moisturizing - Therapeutic
    100% Organic Raw Shea Butter (Unrefined & Water Extracted) Healing - Moisturizing - Therapeutic