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Benefits of Coconut Oil - The Four Basic Health Points of...

Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil Extra Virgin
100% Raw) Kosher Approved - USDA Certified Organic!

01)     First of all, coconut oil is not the same as any other oil Americans use. All the seed oils currently in the American diet are predominately made of triglycerides containing long chain fatty acids. These triglycerides, once ingested, need to be emulsified by bile salts. These salts are produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder. When fats are ingested the bile salts are dumped out of or leave the gall bladder into the small intestine. Here they mix with the fats and draw them into the aqueous food solutions where lipase, one of the main digestive enzymes, can work on them. Since oils and water do not mix (as you would see in most salad dressings) the emulsification of the bile salts on the oils (fats) counteracts that natural separation. Lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fats, works in water or aqueous solutions and therefore the fats need to be pulled into the water. It is bile salts that do this. After emulsification, these fats become broken down into triglycerides made of 14-carbon chain fatty acids. Any carbohydrates eaten in excess of energy requirements are also converted into these 14-carbon chain triglycerides. They are bound to HDL and LDL in the bloodstream and then transported into storage. These triglycerides are then stored in fat deposits by the body until their energy is required.  

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is already smaller than the 14-carbon units the other fats are broken down into. So coconut oil is handled totally different by the body. Since coconut oil contains mostly 8-, 10-, and 12-carbon chain triglycerides, instead of being digested and traveling in the blood stream, it is directly absorbed into the portal vein and goes into the liver without requiring Lipase or bile salts for digestion. In the liver, these medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) support the immune system and help to cleanse the body of pathogens, toxins, etc. These supportive actions continue on as the MCTs travel through the lymphatic system to the cells of the body.

Coconut oil is not present in the blood stream and has never been shown to contribute to heart disease provided it is 100% pure (Centrifuge Extracted) and has not been heated, hydrogenated or pasterurized. People who are diabetic (insulin dependent), people who cannot digest food well or without gall-bladders, especially people who cannot digest fats (such as people with cystic fibrosis), and even cerebral palsy, will thrive on (Centrifuge Extracted) Coconut oil. It will bypass the pancreas and go directly to the liver, spine and brain with very high anti-bacterial, anti-fungal (Candida-Yeast Infections), anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties. Doctors doing research have known for a long time that the elderly, invalids and the very young thrive on formulas given them that contain coconut oil. Many products like baby food and formula used to be made with 100% Pure (Centrifuge Extracted) Coconut oil. Sadly, even these items have fallen victim to the chemical, petrol-chemical and pharmaceutical industries greed and propaganda over the last 60 years.

  02)     Secondly, as the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil travel throughout the body they are actually anti-microbial compounds. For example, Lauric acid, which makes up about 60% of the coconut oil, becomes 2-mono-lauren.  2-mono-lauren dissolves the lipid envelope that protects most pathogenic bacteria and viruses helping to destroy them. It also attacks parasites and pathogenic yeast. Lauric acid contained in a human mothers breast milk is the major reason nursing infants have a high resistance to disease and sickness (providing the mother is living healthy). Lauric acid from (Centrifuge Extracted) Coconut oil in your diet will have the same effect, regardless of your age. Coconut oil has been used in research with AIDS, Candida-Yeast Infections, Crohns disease, SARS, and many other diseases. People have been using its anti-microbial properties for thousands of years.

03)     Thirdly, coconut oil, because it is smaller than the standard storage unit, is burned for energy rather than stored. One thing this tends to do in most people is increase their metabolism. People with under-active thyroid glands all of a sudden discover their basal temperature has become normal. People with low energy notice they have energy again and a sense of well being they did not realize they had lost. Unlike other energy the cell receives, the medium chain fatty acids do not require insulin. Most people in the U.S. have some degree of insulin resistance. Most people as they age, even though they are eating, do not feel they are getting energy from their food. The reason for many people is insulin resistance. The good news is that if a person has coconut oil or coconut products in their diet, the fats will be used as energy and that energy is not dependent on the insulin system working. Therefore, diabetics can get good energy into their cells without insulin requirements, and people who need naps, or think they need naps in the middle of the afternoon, have energy again. Low Carb dieters, as well, can eat their low carbohydrate meals, but have the energy they would otherwise have received from carbohydrates.

04)     Lastly, on the skin the medium chain fatty acids in the coconut oil are identical to the fats found in Sebum. Normal flora that lives on our skin and keeps it healthy will actually live on the glycerol unit of the triglycerides, creating free fatty acids identical to those found in Sebum. This allows the skin to have a slightly acidic pH ideal for keeping pathogens away and keeping the skin healthy. I use a little bit in the morning as a hair gel and it keeps my hair perfect all day.  For people with dandruff or red spots on their scalp or skin, you just douse the scalp with coconut oil and leave it for about 20 minutes. Then shampoo using our Perfect Cleanse Bath&Shower Gel (Coconut Shampoo)!! 

REMEMBER - Hey guys...your wife will love you even more if you massage her body, feet and hands daily with 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Ladies, Cheryl says...Its GREAT for a Romantic GO-COCONUTS...!!!

Paul G. Tima / CEO

(800) 301-9911

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