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EMU Oil (Grade A Certified Pure) 2oz

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Relax Muscles & Reduce Swelling*
Heals* Moisturizing* Therapeutic*
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EMU Oil (Grade A Certified Pure) is an excellent emollient as it moisturizes, protects and soothes your skin.  EMU Oil studies have established that it has very high anti-inflammatory properties for relaxing your muscles, reduce swelling and helps to speed healing.  For centuries people have traditionally used it for:  arthritic conditions, back pain (my wife's Scoliosis), leg cramps, muscle strains, scarring (burns) and stretch marks.

Emu Oil by itself or in combination with our Shea Butter has helped many people to heal their skin after they have been burned by fire and/or the sun. Pain Relief - It Works!

Introduction to Emu Oil

Health Benefits of Emu Oil

  NOTE - For External Use Only!

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Item Number: EMU000010002
Manufacturer: Natur-Pur
Manufacturer Part No: EMU000010002

Product Reviews

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My Testimony for Emu Oil
Cheryl Tima (Travelers Rest, SC) 1/14/2010 3:52 PM
My Testimony for Emu Oil: Yes, it is true that I am co-owner of this company, but I feel my testimony will help many people that have daily aches and pains. If you have read "Our Story" in the “About US” section of our website you will know that I have Scoliosis (the S-curve of the spine) that causes a great deal of aches and pains throughout the body. Once I started using the Emu oil it was amazing to me, as it is to just about everyone that with a simple dime size application of Emu oil that comes from the Emu bird, that my aching back, hip and knee joints, or even my muscle cramps would be relieved in just about 1-2 minutes. WOW! Once I decided that I would never be without my Emu oil, I made sure as I do with all of our products that I would find the best certified (AEA) Grade A–100% Pure Emu oil that we could market and use. It truly is a life saver for anyone that has to deal with common aches and pains in their back, hips, knees, muscles, neck and even Scoliosis (spine), etc. It will greatly reduce your need for things like aspirin or ibuprofen and help you to get off the synthetic anti-inflammatory pain relievers that are toxic to your body. Emu oil has been widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it does just that. I have tried many other "icy or menthol" type products for my aches and pains and they simple can't match what Emu oil does for my body long term. So…Thanks Honey…for taking on the Emu Oil…!!! Cheryl Tima - South Carolina

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