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My Organic WHEY (Pure Raw Protein) 90-Servings (VANILLA) 2.00 lbs*

YOUR Price: $112.50
Organic Super-Food*
Members Price = $101.25
Energy* Lean Muscle* Less Fat*
Per Serving - That is ONLY - $1.12

90-Servings Per Container
MyOrganicWHEY Pure Raw Protein Super-Food*
Amino Acids* Energy* Lean Muscle* Less Fat* = Less Weight!

42 Grams of Organic Flavored Protein in Just 2-Scoops
48 Grams of Organic UN-Flavored Protein in Just 2-Scoops
Improve Energy - Lean Muscle & Less Fat - Reduce Weight Naturally
Bio-Active Cold Process Ultra-Microfiltration, Non-Denatured, Never Flash Pasteurized!

MyWHEY Organic Protein... Amino Acids & Nutritional Facts* Directions* Flyer Side 1* Side 2* YES vs No*

MyWHEY - is 100% Non-Denatured, Non-GMO, organically produced from free range grass-fed cows milk grazing on the unpolluted fields of small family farms located in New Zealand; without acid rain, antibiotics or hormones, chem-trails, chemical treatments (fungicides, herbicides or pesticides). Using a new bio-active cold temperature process called; Ultra-Microfiltration; producing 100% complete organic whey protein concentrate & amino acids.*

MyWHEY - is an organic super-food, gluten and soy free, readily available to the body for complete absorption and utilization with a superior bio-availability and unsurpassed amino acid profile, rich in naturally occurring organic immune-globulin's, lactoferrin, CLAs and growth factors. It is a great source for naturally occurring organic minerals and vitamins; calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium & sodium, utilizing vitamin A, vitamin C & vitamin D.

MyWHEY - is cold processed Ultra-Microfiltration from field to bottle with no added acids, chemical fillers, gum gaurs or synthetics. It is never denatured, diluted, or flash pasteurized, heated or has water added to it. Our cold process of Ultra-Microfiltration is 100% microbial-safe with NO Preservatives Required.

MyWHEY - is an organic raw super food using cold processed Ultra-Microfiltration to preserve and protect the organic protein structures in their bio-active forms. It boosts your bodies Master Antioxidant-Glutathione by increasing significantly its production of Glutathione due to the tripeptide factor of high levels of Cysteine, Glycine & Glutamic Acid (amino acids) combining inside your cells to produce Glutathione which is one of the bodies most important master antioxidants. Glutathione is essential to your over-all immune system, kidneys and liver for the detoxification of heavy metal-toxins & caustic Volatile Organic Compounds (cVOC’s).

MyWHEY Organic Protein Super-Food are derived from 100% Natural & Organic sources. Reported benefits...

Helps Boost Athletic Performance:

Helps Boost Energy Levels Naturally:

Helps Boost Lean Muscle with Less Fat:

Helps Reduce Body Fat & Overall Weight*:

Helps Reduce Body Toxins (Metals & cVOC's):

Helps Support Insulin Production & Blood Sugar:

Helps Support Your Master Antioxidant-Glutathione:

Helps Support Your Immune & Auto-Immune System:

2x the Protein & 2x the Servings vs. our Competitors
Higher Amino Acids* Organic Minerals* & Vitamins* = A Healthier YOU!

NOTE - all 8-essential amino acids are needed to form human protein molecules. One human protein molecule cannot be formed in your body if ALL of the naturally 8-Essential Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) & full-spectrum of amino acids are not present. If 1-Amino Acid is missing, it is impossible for the body to build a human protein molecule. The human body is not able to create essential amino acids on its own, thus it must be brought in through food!

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Item Number: 810184012646
Manufacturer: Natur-Pur
Manufacturer Part No: 810184012646 - 2.00 lbs

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