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Pamper Yourself - Bath & Body Oils (Scented & Unscented) 4oz

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Body Massage Oil Scents*

Pamper Yourself with Smoother Skin!

Pamper Yourself...

Bath & Body Massage Oils & Facial Exfoliates are part of our 100% Natural and Organic personal care and skin care line of products that will help heal the skin, while moisturizing, protecting, rejuvenating and toning your body using only Nutrition Rich Botanicals.

Did You Know? ...that your skin is the largest living organ of your body, and yet, day after day, week after week, we choose to completely ignore it.

So why not Rejuvenate Your Skin & Revitalize Your Youth by Starting Off Your Day and Pamper Yourself!

Start Your Day with a Perfect Cleanse & then Pamper Yourself... we start off wtih our Facial Exfoliate and pour a little bit into the palm of our hand and then blend into it a little bit of one of our Bath & Body Massage oils (Chamomile - Jasmine - Lavender - Ylang-Ylang - Unscented) which are made from 100% Certified Organic Coconut Ambrosia oil and gently massage into our facial skin to help remove the dead, dry old skin cells. We then let it set on for a minute of two and then rinse it off. (if you can blend our Facial Exfoliate with Water)

We then moisturize and rejuvenate our body by gently massaging into our skin one of our Body Massage oils. These 100% Certified Organic oils are revitalizing our youth and leaving our body shinny and silky smooth and soft to the touch. We use extracts of only 100% Pure Essential oils in any of our scents. NO Chemical Fragrances!

Pamper Your Friend, Your Spouse or Yourself... with our "Gift Set Special".

For ONLY $72.00 - Members $54.00 - Including HIS* (handling, insurance & shipping) - You Receive:

One 4oz/Bottle of Body & Facial Exfoliate
One 4oz/Bottle of Body Massage Oil (Jasmine)
One 4oz/Bottle of Body Massage Oil (Lavender)
One 4oz/Bottle of Body Massage Oil (Chamomile)
One 4oz/Bottle of Body Massage Oil (Ylang-YLang)
One 4oz/Bottle of Body Massage Oil (100% Unscented)

Pamper Yourself... has truly helped US feel and look younger again. I can feel the moisture in my skin hours later and over the past month actually see the revitalizing and toning effect of my skin be "Smoothly Transformed".

Pamper Yourself... Cheryl & I hope & pray it will Smoothly Transform You Too!

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Item Number: SSPA00020004
Manufacturer: Natur-Pur
Manufacturer Part No: SSPA00020004

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