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S4Y Programs

Solutions-4-You programs are designed to help you earn money while saving you the most amount of money possible on our products. Please take advantage of them, by doing so you will help US to Grow.

NOTE: S4Y Business is designed for Entrepreneurs willing to invest venture capital while earning a minimum (10% Interest*). Please take a moment to view our offer to help Your Money$$ Grow.


Our New 2012 Affiliate Program is a great way to earn extra income without having to join a network marketing company and be front loaded with a bunch of products. Or worse yet, having to purchase a set amount of products every month on an automatic shipment. (Please click here to read more).


Our New 2012 Auto-Draft Program offers all it's wholesale members an extra (10% OFF*) all of it's products and services. Auto-Draft orders can be set-up monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly for you're convenience and are processed on the 10th and the 25th of each month. To save even more money you can take advantage of our FREE product offer & FREE s/h. (Please click here to read more).


Our New 2012 Membership Program offers it's products and services up to (50% OFF*) retail when you join any of our membership programs. If you take advantage or our New Auto-Draft program above you'll receive an extra (10% OFF*). Along with our free product, free s/h, sales and specials that we offer periodically, you'll receive additional discounts. (Please click here to read more).

NOTE: Membership is NOT a Requirement to be a customer, to be on our mailing list, to create a login and order from our website, or particapate in general sales or special offers. It is simply a way to save money if you are going to be purchasing our products on a regular basis.

NOTE: After registering as a Customer and Purchasing your New Membership, please call our main office @ (800) 301-9911. We need to activate your membership. You will not be able to purchase any products at wholesale pricing until your account is activated.

Affiliate Program
Solutions-4-You Affiliate Program is a great way to earn extra income without having to join a network marketing company and be front loaded with a bunch of products. Or worse yet, having to purchase a bunch of products monthly.
Solutions-4-You members will receive an extra (10% OFF*) wholesale pricing on all auto-draft orders. Plus the option to receive (FREE product**) & (FREE s/h**). All Auto-Drafts will be run on the 10th and 25th of each month.
Membership Program
Solutions-4-You members will receive wholesale pricing on all products and services (up to 50% OFF). Solutions-4-You offers all of it's products through a variety of distributors, our new membership program and retail orders.
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Delicious Greens8000 Organic Super-Food*

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  • S4Y Programs

    MyWHEY 100% Organic Protein Concentrate. 48 Grams Organic Protein in just 2-Scoops. 100% Raw Whey Concentrate (Organic SuperFood* Flavored & Unflavored)
    Aloe Vera Crystals 100% Pure Inner Leaf-Gel (Allergy Reduction & Candida Yeast Control
    Aloe Vera 100% Whole Leaf Liquid (Allergy Reduction & Candida Yeast Control
    Natur-PUR Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil - 100% Virgin - Kosher Approved - USDA Certified Organic - Processed Under 78* - GO COCONUTS!!
    Coral Calcium (Organic Raw Powder) 100% Above the Sea Harvested (NO Additives or Fillers
    Emu Oil (Grade A Certified Pure) Anti-Inflammatory - Healing - Moisturizing - Therapeutic
    100% Organic Raw Shea Butter (Unrefined & Water Extracted) Healing - Moisturizing - Therapeutic