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Shea Butter (100% Organic & Unrefined) 4oz (6-Pack)

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100% Organic Raw Shea Butter moisturizes, protects and soothes the skin.  It can be used on sensitive skin areas around eyes and mucous tissues.  Shea Butter has a centuries old reputation, known best for its healing, moisturizing and therapeutic properties.

100% Organic Raw Shea Butter in combination with our Emu Oil (Grade A Certified Pure) has helped many people to heal their skin after they have been burned by fire and/or the sun. Our Shea butter is totally water extracted by hand and uses NO Additives or Chemical Solvents in the making. Pain Relief - It Works!

Among the traditional uses of Shea Butter

Aching Muscles / Blemishes / Chapped Lips / Cracked Skin / Dermatitis / Diaper Rash / Dry Brittle Hair / Dry Scalp / Dry Skin / Eczema / Insect Bites / Minor Burns / Poison Ivy or Poison Oak / Shaving / Soften Elbows and Heals / Stretch Marks / Sunburn UV Protection (SPF-14) / Wrinkles

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Item Number: SHEA00010004-6Pk
Manufacturer: Natur-Pur
Manufacturer Part No: SHEA00010004-6Pk

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