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The Duel by P'Annan

MSRP Price: $149.50
YOUR Price: $88.88
You Save: $60.62 (41 %)
(1 of Only 1500 Master Prints)
Complete Certificate of Authenticity
Numbered and Signed by the Artist!


Donations from the Heart - Please! (See Story Below)
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The Duel by P'Annan...

The Elk vs
The Mountain Lion...

Finest Moments in Nature...Survival of the...

The Duel is one of P'Annan's finest paintings, it brings to life one of natures ultimate moments in survival. It was first penciled by hand, then painted in guache and now in a Limited Edition Offer of 1500 prints, printed on cover weight acid free paper, numbered and signed with a Certificate of Authenticity by the artist, P'Annan!

The actual size of the cover weight acid free paper is 34" x 24" and the painting or print is 28" x 19" and will be shipped in a crush and water resistant tube with a Certificate of Authenticity. This is a remarkable Limited Edition Offer and there will never be another full-size S&N print of The Duel by P'Annan.

P'Annan - a little bit about the Artist and Man who I am so very honored and proud to call My True Brother & My Friend.

P'Annan - he has devoted so much of his life (effort, money and time) to helping others (me included)...that he would never ask for a donation (even when needed). That's why I'm asking for him. His loving wife, Miriam was in a terrible car accident years ago and along with other recent complications in her health, has almost become bed-ridden to the point that He takes care of her from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep. Then he goes to work for his clients, like Solutions 4 You, from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am in the morning. My hope and prayer is that I/we can raise enough extra money for him to be able to hire a caregiver to come in and help once or twice a week. Thank-You & God Bless!

P"Annan - A Man Devoted to God First, His Loving Wife, His Family and even His Friends
An Accomplished Artist, Author & Publisher, Graphic Designer, Pastor & Theolgian!

Item Number: PAnnan-TheDuel1500
Manufacturer: Omega Creations LTD (Paul I. Annan)
Manufacturer Part No: EPROD-TheDuel1500

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