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Ultra-Safe Degreaser (Spot Remover), 12x Concentrate, 32oz

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Ultra-Safe Degreaser (Spot&Stain Remover) natural unscented formula is hypo-allergenic*, non-toxic and works great on dirt, grease, grime and oily surfaces. Go ahead and try it on carpet spots, cement oily stains, fabric, greasy engine blocks and ovens. It is a multi-purpose, non-toxic powerful product that even your Kids can use on those little budding fingerprints on the doors and walls. It's natural unscented formula allows it to be hypo-allergenic*, non-toxic and Pet & Wildlife SAFE!

Ultra-Safe Degreaser Orange Scent* can be ordered with a light sweet scent derived from pure orange essential oils (NO Chemical Fragrances or Synthetics). Even though it is designed to quickly dissipate after application, this product is not recommended for those who are highly allergic to scents or suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

Ultra-Safe Degreaser 50% Stronger Concentrate: 1 quart of our 50% Stronger concentrate when diluted with water, will make upto 3 gallons of our regular strength Ready-to-Use (RTU) product.

Item Number: USD625010025
Manufacturer: Solutions 4 You
Manufacturer Part No: USD625010025

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