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Lice-Go-EZE Hair Shampoo, Ready-to-Use, 8 oz

YOUR Price: $18.00
Wholesale Price: $9.00
Our Lice-Go-EZE is 100% hypo-allergenic*, non-toxic and Ultra-Safe®! This non-toxic lice (louse) shampoo and treatment is 100% Lindane & Pyrithium Free. It will emulsify the eggs (nits) and lice (louse) completely. Simply follow the instructions below. It is totally safe for the environment, your family and pets. It is completely FREE of all poisons and toxins.

NOTE: *We have a variety of shampoos and treatments that are totally immune system safe for you're animals, children and you. In some of our products we do use essential if you have allergies or MCS...we recommend that you use our products unscented*.

Our Lice-Go-EZE is as easy as 1, 2, 3,..

  1. Apply to dry hair, thoroughly
    massage into scalp and put on a shower cap for 15 minutes.

  2. Remove and rinse cap. Do not rinse hair, re-apply as in
    step 1 and wait an additional 15 minutes.

  3. Finally, remove and rinse cap and hair thoroughly.

  4. Comb hair with a nit comb.

  5. It's as easy as that...Lice-Go-EZE


Item Number: SPP746010408
Manufacturer: Solutions 4 You
Manufacturer Part No: SPP746010408

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