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Spud Bar (Raw Soap per ounce)

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ALL Natural—NO Artificial Colors or Preservatives

Our Natural Spud Bar Raw Soap is made with purified water, palm oil, and palm kernal oil, blended together with fine-grain cleansing sand. Perfect for cleaning your hands after gardening or doing grimy work!

Spud Bar Raw Soap is sold by the ounce, with one pound as the minimum purchase amount. You will get a chunk of soap of the weight ordered. To see what the soap looks like, click the "View More Images" link under the Spud logo. The photo is of a chunk of soap approximately 2 oz in weight.

Spud Bar Raw Soap is un-formed, unscented, and naturally colored. You can shape it at home using water or by gently warming it. Scent it with organic essential oils and you have a wonderful gift for the gardener or handyman in your life! Or use it as-is for quickly cleaning dirty or greasy hands.
Item Number: HSSB00010001
Manufacturer: Solutions 4 You
Manufacturer Part No: HSSB00010001

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