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Ultra-Safe Laundry, All-Fabric Cleanser, Ready-to-Use (RTU) Package Special

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My Everyday Special...
2 Refill QTS & 1- 16oz/Squirt Bottle of USL RTU
(All-Fabric Cleanser - Scented or Unscented - Incl s/h*)

Ultra-Safe Laundry (All-Fabric Cleanser) is an anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic* and non-toxic natural soap formula used for Carpeting / Dishes-Dishwasher / All-Fabric's / Laundry and Upholstery. Combined with our Ultra-Safe Degreaser (Spot & Stain Remover)...It's so Powerful...yet so Gentle....even your KIDZ can use it safely.

Ultra-Safe Laundry (All-Fabric Cleanser) is one of our flag ship products that became so popular with our customers, we like to say it has 101 official uses and a 1,001 UN-official uses. It can be used for just about any-type of cleaning you can think of from washing your dishes, to washing all-fabrics, to washing your car.

Ultra-Safe Laundry (All-Fabric Cleanser) combined with our Ultra-Safe Fabric-Softener helps to soften your clothing and reduce static cling in your dryer. (NO More Toxic - Dryer Sheets). It is not only Pet & Wildlife SAFE...It's Ultra-Safe!

Ultra-Safe Laundry (All-Fabric Cleanser) is available in an Lemon scent or unscented form. We sell all of our Ultra-Safe products in a convenient Ready-to-Use (RTU) solution as well as a 12x Concentrate (50% Stronger) that require dilution. Our best deal is when you order the 50% Stronger Concentrate by the gallon you will be able to save the most money. One gallon of the 50% stronger concentrate will make you 12 gallons of ready-to-use product. It will lower your average cost per gallon of ready-to-use product on the majority of our Ultra-Safe Soaps down to $3.96 per gallon of regular-strength, ready-to-use product.

For more information refer to our (Product Information Tab) at the top of this page for; Home Remedies, Microbiology Reports, MSDS Sheets, Mixing and Usage Guides. To read about how well our Ultra-Safe Solutions work, click on the links under (More Information-Top Right) you may want to read some of our customers Testimonials Too!

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Item Number: 2Qt-USLRTU-Pkg-Spc
Manufacturer: Solutions 4 You
Manufacturer Part No: 2Qt-USLRTU-Pkg-Spc

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