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Hello Everyone!

My name is Paul George Tima, I’m a Christian man who’s Lord and Savior is Christ-Jesus, a father and grandfather. I’m married to my beautiful and loving wife Cheryl, and we’ve been together 30-years this year. For the past 35-years I’ve been a small business owner, entrepreneur and self-employed visionary. We currently reside and work in the Greenville – Travelers Rest area of South Carolina, and have lived in several states around the country throughout the years.

I truly believe in the U.S. Constitution & Declaration of Independence that was suppose to be written for "We the People" not "We the Government". I believe that our U.S. Constitution was written to preserve and protect our God given rights and to limit both the Federal Governments & States intrusion into our daily lives. I believe God gives us the freedom of choice and the right to bear arms to defend ones family, property, and themselves and that we possess an intrinsic right to freedom of religion and speech. I believe that our States should have democratic laws, they should be Republic & Sovereign, and that the limited roll of our Federal Government should be to assist us in the defense of our U.S. Constitution and defending the citizens of the U.S. against all enemies domestic and foreign.

NOTE: I believe that an individual Does Not have the right to intentionally harm any entity or hurt any individual whether through religious beliefs, type written material or speech, or anytype of weapons, without constitutional just cause.

I believe in capitalism, entrepreneurship, investing in innovation thru venture capital to help create new industries and millions of new jobs through lower to NO Taxes such as; reducing the capital gains and corporate tax rate to (12%) in 2012, and then continuing to reduce it (3%) each year thereafter, (9%) in 2013, (6%) in 2014, (3%) in 2015 and then finally (0%) in 2016. Please click here to read more

Below you will find links to full articles that I’ve written on how to lead this country forward in a positive way. Please take time to read them and join with me to make it happen for our children, grand-children and our extended families and friends. If there is a subject that is not listed and you would like me to write on it, just send me an email and I'll do my best to write my concepts or ideas about it.

I look forward to hearing from you, talking with you and working for you in the very near future.

Thank-You & May God Bless You thru Prayer,
Paul G. Tima

NOTE: The information written on the subjects below is a work in progress. If you have a suggestion (in a positive way) or subject you would like me to write something on and post it, please let me know.

For Information on Subjects:

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