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Hello Everyone!

My name is Paul George Tima, and over the years I’ve watched this country and its economy slowly go down in a tailspin due to the lack of entrepreneurs, sound leadership and visionaries with enough capital and resources to put their concepts and ideas into reality and allow them to create new industries and millions of new jobs. Below you'll find written (Step-3 of my 3-Step) approach called, National Retail Sales Tax that I have written on how to lead our country and our economy forward in a positive way. Links to (Step-1 & Step-2) are at the end. Please take the time to read all three and join with me to make it happen. My Presidential theme..."2012 Return to FREEDOM".

After reading you may agree with me or disagree with me about my concepts and ideas, but I ask that you would become a Part of the Solution - Not Be - Part of the Problem. If you like my concepts and ideas, join with me, if not, please send me yours in a positive way so together we can make a higher standard of living for all people. Send me a draft written in an email. (NO Attachments Please)

I look forward to hearing from you, talking with you and working for you in the very near future.

Thank-You & May God Bless You thru Prayer,
Paul G. Tima

#3 National Retail Sales Tax (Consumption):

The Third Program - you have to ask yourself why the citizens of the United States have not demanded thru congress that it be written into our constitution and made into a Federally Mandated law. There could be sub-programs (to help certain classes of people) to enhance the main law without changing its main theme. Whether you call this a consumption tax, or even discuss a flat tax, the bottom line is;

If we could balance the budget, put more money in your pocket and raise the standard of living of ALL U.S. Citizens, without all of the pressure and stress, would that interest you? Well would IT?

Along with my Equal Fair & Free Trade act and N.A.P. or North American Projects, this would help to create a balanced budget and complete fairness for ALL U.S. Citizens. The main theme being that through the ideals of capitalism and democratic law, you raise the standard of living throughout the world by raising the standards inside the United States. NOT by taxing all of your citizens wages, corporate and private capital gains to death. This will promote education, growth, innovation and renewed spirit both inside and outside of the United States. Lets call it "2012 Return to FREEDOM"

a. ALL City, County, Federal & State Income Taxes - are abolished for all legal citizens of the United States. All Capital Gain Taxes = 0%. Double taxation on corporate and private enterprise are abolished. All your deductions, tax returns and write-offs will be done voluntarily, unless required for legal purposes such as; alimony, child support, credit issues, disability, law enforcement, military, etc.

b. ALL Legal Citizens of the United States - could be paid by cash or check for work performed on the their job without the usual payroll deductions. Except for when an employee asks and/or is required to have a certain amount taken out each week for alimony, child support, court orders (law suits), credit issues, disability, health insurance, law enforcement, life insurance, medical, military, pensions, retirement plans (401K's), vacations, etc. and/or any other legal purpose required.

c. ALL Legal Citizens of the United States - would still contribute a minimum set percentage of their weekly pay towards their own Social Security, in which they would have the right to control and/or invest up to 50% of their own money in fixed income assets such as; bank certificates, triple A bonds, blue chip stocks, treasury bills, etc. We would still have strict set rules for how and when you could withdrawal you're funds.

In Conclusion:

If we take the deficit in the United States last year and divide it into the total amount of retail sales, this will give us a percentage of what we would have to charge on all consumption items. It doesn’t take an “Economic Rocket Scientist” to figure out that ALL we need to do is simply put a (%) on every single item sold inside the country to eliminate the deficit entirely. Obviously, congress would regulate the (%) on whether we were trying to pay the deficit off year by year, or every other year. In conjunction with my Equal Fair & Free Trade act and N.A.P. North American Projects the (%) percentage would decrease over time due to the creation of new industries, jobs, sales and tax revenue until we actually had a surplus. In the beginning, depending on how much the Federal Government was planning to spend that year, and the estimated retail sales, would be the (%).

If we take the other systems that they are proposing and using, they can be beat. In the end only the few percent of (The Rich & Wealthy) will become more (Rich & Wealthy). Not only is this balanced and fair for everyone, "We the People", but it would be very difficult to beat this system overall.

Here is Why!

NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE - an accountant, bookkeeper, CEO, drug dealer, electrician, federal employee, illegal worker, landscaper, painter, plumber, or roofer, it does not matter if you're paid by cash, check, goods or services, Everybody has to Buy & Consume things in order to Live & Work!!

#1 Equal Fair & Free Trade: Please click here to read more.

#2 N.A.P. North American Projects: Please click here to read more.

In Summary:

By utilizing my Equal Fair & Free Trade, N.A.P. North American Projects & National Retail Sales Tax, inconjunction with Capital Gains & Corporate Tax = (0%), we'll dramatically help to turn our countries deficits, economies, jobs and unemployment, and our standards of living in a positive direction.

It works like this: When you have the ability to have equal fair and free trade, you keep you're manufacturing and technology bases working thus producing wealth and tax revenue. When you have innovation to build N.A.P. - North American Projects, you create industries and manufacturing, which in turn creates new jobs, which in turn creates wealth and more tax revenue. When you have equality, fairness & justice for all, a National Retail Sales Tax program off true consumption, "We the Peolple" will give to (Our Children & Grand-Children the American Dream). "2012 Return to FREEDOM"

0% Capital Gains & 0% Corporate Tax = Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Why handicap the very people who have great concepts & unique ideas that create new industries and millions of new jobs? Is it about greed, money, power or Slavery? Please click here to read more

This is a platform to build off of that is truly balanced, fair and will help to create jobs, protect workers and raise the standard of living for all people. To Be Continued...2012 Return to FREEDOM

I look forward to hearing from you, talking with you and working for you in the very near future.

Thank-You & May God Bless You thru Prayer,
Paul G. Tima

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